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    Welcome to our site, you’ll find our online beat store, with the latest bangers beats in any style.  Each beats start from $19, are instant downloads, and radio ready !

    But you’ll find another goodies for your musical career, like our mixing and mastering service and customizable beats…

    Since 15 years, OOP aka Yaniv BENZAZON provides professional beats for Urban, EDM & Pop projects. Some beats are available on iTune or played on Radios and YouTube. We know how it’s hard to match perfectly the kick and the bass, to be loud and proud and sound like commercial tracks. With 15 years of experience in mixing engineering you’ll be radio ready and you’ll sound “2014“.

    Money is The War Nerd, we know that running a project in music is expensive this is why our fist preoccupation is to guarantee you the best beats at the best prices.

    Billboard top charts changes every week: we live in a fast-paced world, that’s why we are always in touch of new songs and new trends to offer every month the mainstream beats.

    You have a very precise idea of your needs in terms of music ?, you know that a custom beat is much better for your sales: in only 7 open days, your beat is ready, you pay on deliver !

    OOP works  with the latest pieces of technology. To enable us to do our job professionally and with speed, only one company comes first and that is Apple. From the Mac systems we work on everyday, the software we have mastered and the automatic backups needed to keep your project safe, we have the tools to bring your project to life.

    Ableton Live and Logic have been chosen to produce your beats, with the awarded sample pack like Sonic Specialists, The Producers Choice, Pakotec Sample, Zenhiser, Gold Baby…